Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

The weekend of the 24th through the 26th I was fortunate enough to attend the 2nd annual Southern New England FOOLS H.O.T weekend. As always the brotherhood was out in force and a great weekend was had by all. Many drills were conducted over the two days that challenged even the most seasoned firefighter. For me the most signifigant scenario was the mayday drill which ended with a great prop simulating a floor collapse dropping the firefighter about 18-20 inches before landing on a gymnastic cushion. Believe me, when you don't know its coming the short distance is enough.

Friday nights lecture of a fatal fire that occured in Clinton, MA drove the nail home that this type of scenario could happen to anyone on anyday. An unexpected situation occured on what appeared to be a nickel and dime fire and it went to hell and a handbasket in a matter of seconds. I took out of it some thoughts on situational awareness and my preparedness to deal with the un-expected.

I will recommend that if you have the time next year to attend this event you should. The members of this organization and the brothers that came from literally across the country to be there shows that there is a real commitment to training, and the job. Thanks goes out to all the instructers and behind the scenes workers-they never get enought credit-for making a smooth and eventful weekend where I am sure that everyone walked away with something. I know I did and cannot wait till next year.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008: The members of the Submarine Base FD assisted in a base wide safety fair by conducting an extrication drill for onlookers and base personnel. All shift members were utilized as the simualtion was a two car T-bone with severe structual damage as well as two patients (mannequins) C-11 and 25 utilized both sets of extrication equipment and C-100 took care of EMS.

Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19, 2007: Subase Engine 11 with C-200 responded to the commissary parking lot for an MVA reported with injuries. On arrival companies found a pick up truck with extensive passenger compartment damage after striking a parked tractor trailer then continuing on. A good samaritan was able to stop the driver from driving away. C-200 transported one from the scene with a head injury. There were no other hazards on the scene and Engine 11 was made available.

Monday, October 15, 2007

OCT. 15, 2007: I would like to thank the Southern New England FOOLS for a great training weekend at the Union Fire District training grounds in Union, RI. A slew of great instructors from all aspects of the fire service and a great group of students to train with. Hats off to the SNE FOOLS and their staff for all they do for the firefighting community and the public. If you are not a member check out their website and see if you are a FOOL. Thanks again guys, will be looking forward to the next one.

If anyone was in attendance and has pictures they want posted send me an email as I will gladly put them up for all to see.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A view from the street

21 Engine Chauffer

25 Truck set-up for roof access

Stretching the handline

FDNL Lieutenant sizing up operations

July 2, 2007: New London Fire Department responded to 170 Broad Street for a reported structure fire. Enroute Station A reported a fire in the roof area at that location and that the employees made an attempt to extinguish. Upon arrival a working fire was transmitted moving A-31 up as the FAST team. Members opened up and exposed hidden fire in between the ceiling and roof and made quick work once access was gained. One firefighter was transported with minor injuries. Their extent were unkown but appeared to be minor at the scene. All companies operated at this job including the Lawerence and Memorial Paramedics.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Waterford firefighters stretch first attack line

Opening up to check for further extension

Roof members removing smoldering insulation

Incident Command/Accountability

Quaker Hill (W-25) On arrival

Quaker Hill (W-25) set up in driveway
June 18, 2007: At approx. 0745 companies from the Waterford Fire Department (Cohanzie, Quaker Hill and Oswegatchie) and Montville FD (for additional Engine) were initially dispatched to this 2 1/2 story home for a report of smoke coming from the roof. Upon first arriving officer size-up, a working fire was transmitted for smoke and fire from a rear bedroom. Upon striking the working fire, firefighters from the Submarine Base FD responded in as the FAST company. Crews encountered a small fire in the ceiling and attic space. Fire crews took about 15-20 minutes to extinguish the fire. No injuries were reported.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Enfield FF's stretch in

Enfield ASST. Chief helping with the advance

Last fire lit extends into hallway

April 14, 2007: Members of the Submarine Base Fire Department hosted the Enfield Fire Department in live burn operations on Saturday. An all day series of training evolutions took place including roof operations, wall breaching, VES and advanced FAST techniques. Live fire evolutions included kitchen fires and room and contents (bedroom) fires. This kind of valuable training is needed to keep our skills up to top notch. Thanks goes out to CENTEX construction company and the SBFD Training Division in allowing us the great opportunities we have had over the past months. Without the coordination from all entities it wouldn't have been able to happen. THANKS!!!